Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We arrived in Barcelona on a cool but sunny day. We didn’t have anything booked here and had decided to go into Barcelona and walk around on our own. There was a shuttle into a central point of the city and by the time we had got there it had warmed up to the point of comfortable. We walked along Los Palmas, a unique shopping street in Barcelona that has about anything that you would want. Some where along the way we got off to a local market where we tried some chocolate pieces that were really good and we bought a few. The place had vegetables and fruits all over the place as well as fish and meats. We finally found a place to have something to eat and had some tapas, paella and sangria. The evening was spent back on the ship where we had some local performers doing flamenco dancing that was quite good. Tomorrow a day at sea, then Gibralter.

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