Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Port Said & Cairo

Well today was interesting, we docked at Port Said which has been christened the “Gateway to the East”. Our day started early when we got on the bus at 8 am and then we finally got on our way to Cairo. I guess I never had an idea what the economy was like in Egypt, I guess I had always assumed it was an oil country. It is not, it is a very poor country, and looked more like third world than I had imagined. The traffic was terrible and we were subject to check points as was everyone else. There seemed to be police everywhere and we even had a security man on our bus. Everything was extremely dirty, with garbage laying everywhere. We seen goats and farm animals in the streets of Cairo, for a city of 18 million (largest in Africa) it was really strange. Thank goodness we were on our way to the pyramids.

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