Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Egyptian Museum

We had a very short time at the Egyptian Museum but long enough to see the remains and treasures taken out of Young King Tut’s tomb including the death mask that we associate with him. The museum was very crowded but we did manage to see a lot of the things there. In the viewing room for King Tut’s death mask, we seen our first celebrity on this trip, it was Kurt Russell who was in the small room with the rest of us, of course he had a tour guide of his own. Soon it was time to leave and it was much too soon. A long ride of almost four hours and we were back at the Grand Princess, and it was then we realized how tired we were. Tomorrow, Alexandria


Valinka said...

Wow, this is so cool. You've traveled to many countries --and totally the places I wish to visit :D

Anyway, just dropping by to say hello. Have a nice journey!

Cammye said...

AM loving your trip~~~
Be safe and keep us updated!
Cammye from Texas