Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Today was Naples. After a very good and needed almost twelve hours of sleep, we woke up and we were already in Naples. We really had no plans here but planned on just walking around in the city. First all of the drivers in Italy are nuts, but the ones in Naples are really bad. The day can be considered a success if you walk around Naples and manage to get back to the ship without being run over by some kind of vehicle. Heck you are not even safe on the sidewalks here, they are just considered additional driving space when the streets are blocked. We did our little trip into town and came back early enough to win the first trivia that we attended. The day was beautiful, so we played some cribbage, laid in the sun, of course went to afternoon tea for our scone fix. At dinner we met our table mates for the first time. They are an extremely interesting group and I am sure we will enjoy them during this trip. This is for Steve, they include a lobbyist for the generic medicine industry and a lady who works for Pfizer. Tomorrow at day at sea, and our first formal nite.

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Jodi Finck said...

Hey Dad & Judy ~ It looks like you are off to a fantastic start on your trip and I can't wait to see more!!!