Saturday, November 22, 2008


We had some excitement on our way to Rome. While we were at dinner the sea became very rough, so we decided to skip the entertainment and go to our room. We watched a little tv, then tried to get some sleep, but the boat was rocking pretty good because of the gale force winds ( about 60 mph). About 11 pm while we were both trying to sleep, the ship took a large lurch and came down with a bang because it had hit a big wave. All of a sudden the room went dark and the engine stopped. All was quiet, and a bit scary, but soon (maybe 3 minutes, that seemed like an hour) the lights came back on, then off again for a minute or so and finally back on. The deck came on and informed us that they underestimated the severity of the storm and were going to fast, they had to slow down and we wound up getting into Rome 8 hours late. But it is just enough experience that we will be able to tell our friends and family. Tomorrow, Livorno.


Jodi Finck said...

Oh My Gosh! That wind sounded horrible and I bit it was a bit scary. I imagine it was REAL dark on the ship when the lights went out. Note to self ... bring flashlight along :o)

Caroled said...

Wow I would have had a heart attack. I didn't do well with 14 foot waves. Aside from the rough seas your trip seems great. Enjoyed the pictures. Wishing the rest of your trip be safe and
tranquil. Love Carol and Ed